How to Perform Your Own SEO Website Audit for Strong DIY Marketing Foundations

Want to know how your page's search engine optimization is functioning but have to rely on DIY marketing?

In 17 minutes, learn 4 steps to take control of your DIY marketing for SEO -- and grow your online reach.

Don't get left behind by the next Google update.


It's time to equip yourself with answers to your big questions:

  • What IS SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?
  • How do I help more people find my website?
  • What are some must have (free!) tools to audit my own website's current optimization?

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Meet Your Host for Your SEO Audit

Changing the world requires everyone’s unique talents.


Business owners and nonprofit directors have the strengths of effective leaders. Lisa Theus offers her strengths as an SEO professional and researcher in understanding context, learning, and getting things done. And with a good attitude!


My professional background in academia and secretarial work guarantees you’ll receive thorough and punctual work throughout your advertising campaign. I taught college classes, including freshman composition classes, for several years before switching to administrative work at my local Catholic church, and now I've struck out on my own to help other Christian businesses find their success (and strengthen God's kingdom!).